On the 16th December 2020, CHANGE with  IMPACT Vietnam organised the workshop “Living In Harmony With Nature – Linking Wildlife And Biodiversity Conservation With Tourism”. Participating in the workshop were representatives from various domestic and international tourism agencies working in Vietnam.

COVID-19 has caused so much damage, not only to the global economy but also to people’s lives. Hence the worldwide movement calling to eliminate wildlife consumption, and lessen the spread of viruses initiated from wild animals, is more vital than ever. CHANGE, WildAid and GIZ have hosted a chain of seminars and training for enterprises with diverse types of business models. 

Through listening to many inspiring stories from Ms Hoang Thi Minh Hong – Founder and Director of CHANGE, participants have been informed about critical environmental issues and the wildlife crisis, especially concerning its effect on human health. Plenty of questions were raised and discussed with a multidimensional perspective; most people’s concern was about the sustainable tourism model’s benefit on the economy and people’s lives. 

Besides the economic benefit, enterprises also considered the responsibility to society and the environment. This is a certainty in globalisation. Above all, tourism is one of the most decisive sectors in the natural world. Therefore signing in the Pledge for Wildlife will be the first meaningful step.

Now, let’s look back at the Workshop’s memorable memories

If your company wants to have further information about the Pledge for Wildlife or collaborate with us to spread meaningful messages about protecting wildlife, please contact Ms Nguyen Thanh Ngoc Han – email:

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