Công cụ săn bắt bẫy động vật hoang dã để lấy thịt rừng

These rudimentary traps, often made from wire or cable, increase close contact between humans and wildlife and the likelihood of zoonotic disease spillover. In fact, researchers have identified many of the animals targeted by snaring, including wild pig, palm civets, and pangolins, as among the highest risk for zoonotic disease transmission. 

“‘Indiscriminately killing and maiming, snares are wiping out the region’s wildlife, from tigers and elephants to pangolins and palm civets, and emptying its forests. These species don’t stand a chance unless Southeast Asian governments urgently tackle the snaring crisis,” said Stuart Chapman, Lead of the WWF Tigers Alive Initiative.

“Snares are also the principal threat to tigers in the region – and a major contributor to the fact they are now presumed extinct in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. Without strong action, a snaring driven extinction wave could break across Asia.”

Driven in large part by the demand in urban areas for wildlife meat, often seen as a delicacy, snares impact more than 700 of the region’s terrestrial mammal species, including some of the region’s most threatened species, such as the Asian elephant, tiger, saola, and banteng. Snares indiscriminately kill and maim – animals can sometimes languish for days or weeks before dying from their injuries, and in the rare case an animal escapes, it will often later die from injury or infection. 

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Whenever you decide to walk into a bush meat restaurants, or stop at a wild market, have you ever thought about the crisis caused by your individual actions? Consider making the smartest decisions to:

▪️ Protect wild animals

▪️ Protect yourself

▪️ Protect public health

If you are an entrepreneur, a business leader, let’s join us:

1) Sign the Pledge for Wildlife pledge: Pledge for Wildlife;

2) Calling your business partners and staff to join the campaign;

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