While shipping four pangolins and four bear hands from Laos to Nghe An by car for consumption, two suspects were discovered and arrested by authorities.

On the evening of January the 7th, Nghe An Environmental Police Department reported the unit had just successfully destroyed a case, arrested one suspect for illegal trading wild animals, and seized related evidence.

According to the report, at 11 AM on Jan 7, on Route 48A (the part that crosses Na Ty village, Chau Thon commune, Que Phong district), the patrol Unit 2 co-operated with Que Phong District police to catch suspect Pit Van Chuyen (1983) of Tung Hoc village, Huu Khuong commune, Tuong Duong district red-handed for illegal trafficking four pangolins and four bear hands in a car licence plate BKS 37A 461.05, which weighed 14kg in total. The driver  Vi Van Hung (1981) off Poi village, Chau Thon commune, Que Phong district. Chuyen admitted that he usually went to Laos to take “goods” then transported them to Nghe An for wildlife trafficking.

The authorities had taken the initiative and handed over Pit Van Chuyen to Que Phong district for further investigation.

Pangolin conservation

There are eight species of pangolin worldwide; four species in Asia and four species in Africa. Vietnam is home to two species: the Javan Pangolin (Manis javanica) and the Yellow Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla). Both species are on the IUCN Red List of Critically Endangered Species and protected under Vietnam’s wildlife protection laws – this means that the trading of these animals is strictly prohibited.

Source: Nghe An television

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