Although they live in a protected area, animals here still are dealing with life-threatening snares every day and some rare animals could be facing extinction.

November, when the dry season starts, is also the time when poachers are active in Cat Ba National Park. Taking advantage of the time animals goes hunting for winter, these poachers set all types of snare traps in the limestone mountains trying to catch the last of some species.

Some small snares like a noose trap or clip trap are usually used to catch small animals such as squirrels, mink etc. However, sometimes bigger snares can also cause serious injuries to primates as monkeys, doucs, and even humans.

(Snare found in Cat Ba National Park. Source: VTV News)

It is not only wild animals which are killed by these snares, but also migratory birds that fly over Cat Ba National Park. From snipe to lesser whistling duck, mallard – all will be burned alive and served up as a delicacy for customers.

Cat Ba National Park is one of the most important biosphere reserves in the world. With ​​more than 17,000 hectares, Cat Ba National Park has up to 343 different species of animals, including endemic animals such as Cat Ba langur, of which the world has only a few dozen individuals left. The Cat Ba Langur, which lives on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam, is one of the 25 most endangered primates. Conservation efforts are helping to prevent this but due to non-stop poaching, not only is the langur facing extinction, but many other animals are rarely seen on this island.

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