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Tackling the rhino poaching crisis from both ends

Over 100 prominent Vietnamese business leaders have shown their support for ending the rhino horn trade by signing a pledge never to consume any rhino horn or other illegal wildlife products while also committing to help protect Vietnam’s wildlife.  This statement by the nation’s top business leaders demonstrates the high level of support among certain sectors in Vietnam for stronger enforcement and more effective wildlife conservation actions.


Vietnam and China are two of the main consumer markets for rhino horn sourced primarily from poached rhinos in South Africa and other African countries.  As private citizens the business leaders want to publicly demonstrate that they do not consume the products while also expressing their support for efforts to end rhino horn consumption and the poaching crisis that has resulted in about 5,000 rhinos killed in South Africa alone since 2008.


The “Pledge on Wildlife Conservation and Ending Demand for Rhino Horn in Vietnam” was kicked off a year ago with Sir Richard Branson when he visited Ho Chi Minh City and met with a group of top business leaders and they all signed the pledge.  Since then another 75 top CEOs have signed the pledge as well as more than 250 other company executives.


PHOTOS of Branson dinner, photo of the pledge and CEOs signing

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